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Some other attractive place in Luang Prabang

Cruisin Gate is nestled in a picturesque corner of Luang Prabang, on a curve in the road near the Nam Khan. This lively watering hole claims the honours as the town's first openly gay bar, although the crowd is mixed and both women and couples are welcome.

Dao Fah: A young Lao crowd packs this cavernous club, located off the road to the southern bus terminal. Live bands playing Lao and Thai pop alternate with DJs who spin rap and hip-hop. The bar serves Beerlao as well as mixers for patrons bringing their own liquor.

L’Etranger Books & Tea: Screens nightly films ranging from new blockbusters to old art house.

Lao Lao Garden:Two-for-one cocktails, Beerlao and shooters once the dining's done.

Le Cinema: In a laneway opposite the eastern wing of the Royal Palace, this ingenious spot enables you to hire a room and recent release DVD for the night. It’s fun and cosy.

Maylek Pub: This French-managed pub is stylishly decorated with modern furniture of original design. The fully stocked bar includes such hard-to-find items as pastis, Southern Comfort and Bailey's. Snacks and sandwiches are also available.Royal Theatre: Inside the Royal Palace Museum compound, local performers put on a show that includes a bąasǐi ceremony, traditional dance and folk music. There are traditional dances of Lao ethnic minorities such as the Phoo Noi and Hmong people.