Blue Lagoon Restaurant

You have to plan an evening meal at the Blue Lagoon Café - you may be left disappointed by a lunch-time visit. The place loses much of its real charm in daylight.

The restaurant is located next door to the Luang Prabang night market, surrounded by a lush growth of banana trees, and is definitely one of the most romantic spots for late dinner in the whole city - particularly if you choose a table in the open-air yard; just like at most Lao restaurants the mood will only be enhanced by the smoking brazier. The menu offers a mixture of European and traditional local food. The Blue Lagoon Café is also a very popular hangout for the ex-pat community.If the classic cuisine of La Cave des Chateaux is not to your taste and you prefer a more modern approach, the nearby Blue Lagoon Café may just fit the bill..
Here Nouvelle cuisine characterized by small but artfully presented portions is the order of the day. The restaurant itself is situated in a tropical garden with rattan chairs and candlelit dark-wood furniture. A surprisingly eclectic menu of Asian and European dishes come to you as a feast for the eyes before you start to chow down. Both the simmering Indian curry and steak cordon bleu are reported to be exceptional, as is the wine list