Chill Out Café

Situated on the far side of Dara Market from the Mekong this elegant new eatery is as it describes itself, stylishly decorated in an airy retro style.

It is open on all four sides allowing a touch of a breeze to cool you after a hard session of shopping among the market stalls. The staff is very friendly if a little diffident. The food is a delicious fusion of Asian and Western with the emphasis on light tasty snacks. Both the cheese and bacon panini and the cauliflower soup spiced with cumin come highly recommended. The house wines are good, the crisp Italian white being particularly delicious. A centerally located, clean, comfortable hotel with great service, good meals, friendly staff.
The Chill Out Café also has very fast Wi-Fi (well, fast for Laos!) so you will often see people working away on their laptops. This is a good restaurant that suggest you.