Indochina Spirit

Housed in a restored 70-year-old wooden home, Indochina Spirit, as its name suggests, dishes up as much atmosphere as it does good grub.

This unique restaurant is located at downtown Luang Prabang . This 80 years old Laos style wooden home used to be belongs to a Royal Physician in the 1920s. It has now been converted into a restaurant that serves Laos, Thai and Western food that owned by a Thai.
We were there for lunch and I felt in love with this place immediately. It is so unique and the table set up in the court yard underneath some big trees just made it whole thing perfect! I wouldn’t want to add and remove anything from it.
The food was fantastic! We ordered Thai Pad Thai (Thai rice noodles) and Thai Plate that comes with chicken green curry, vegetables, fried spring rolls, fried fish in sweet and sour sauce, fried shrimps and steam rice! Even if we split these 2 meals but we still couldn’t finish it – it was too much food!
The dessert was Fried banana with honey – should I even mention this? It was so yummy!! We ordered an extra plate of this for our tour leader, he was so appreciative!
For drink, it was ok – my Laos coffee was not as good as the Vietnamese coffee however I still enjoyed it.
Although we did not have dinner at this restaurant but I heard there was live Laos music performance during night time! And I am very sure it is extremely romantic when you have your candle light dinner underneath the trees!
I will defiantly go back to this restaurant for it good food at the cheap price (I wonder if they make any money) and definitely the unbelievable ambience!
This gorgeous Lao home has been put to lovely use and now features traditional Lao music most evenings from 7:30 to 8pm (check the chalkboard in front to make sure). Indochina Spirit has done a great job with the simple local decor inside and charming garden dining outside. The menu is an ambitious list of Lao, Thai, and Western dishes. It's a good place to have a drink, enjoy an affordable appetizer plate, and hear some good music before strolling the city at night.