L'Elephant Restaurant

This stylish bistro is where it's at for fine dining in Luang Prabang. Run by French expats, it has a laid-back, retro-chic atmosphere inside a high-ceilinged colonial.

There are daily and weekly specials, and just about everything is good, especially the imported steaks. Tasty cheeses and wines are also imported, though local stock is used whenever possible. Boar and venison specials are popular, for example. The wine list could hold its own in a much larger city, and it's unlikely that you'll stump the bartender. Daily set menus explore the best of what's available in the kitchen. A range of tasty dishes, from coq au vin to grilled buffalo to a vegetarian savory baked eggplant, covers all the bases. The cavernous interior makes it quite popular with high-end tour groups since they can all fit in comfortably. L'Elephant is very expensive for Laos, but more than worth it. Be sure to make a reservation -- it's often fully booked.