The recently modernised Luang Prabang International Airport is a convenient gateway for those coming from Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam. Flights connect Luang Prabang with Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand; Siem Reap in Cambodia; and Hanoi in Vietnam. In addition, three domestic routes are available to: Phongsaly, Vientiane and Xieng Khuang.

Airlines operating at the airport include: Bangkok Airways, Siem Reap Airways, Vietnam Airlines and Lao Airlines, the national airline of Laos. Visitors should note that heavy cloud coverage in Luang Prabang and other mountainous regions of Laos is common and flights are frequently cancelled.

Lao Airlines questionable safety record has steadily improved in recent years, with the airline now complying with international safety standards.

The single airport terminal has few facilities aside from basics such as toilets, telephones and transportation into the city. From the airport, it is a short jumbo (taxi) ride to the centre of Luang Prabang. Taxis meet each flight arrival. Many hotels are happy to arrange an airport pick up for guests.